Mindfulness – Find Peace in Difficult Times

Several days ago my dog Molly became gravely sick.

It was not only frightening to see my friend and family member so frail and unwell, the nature of her illness was disturbing, perhaps one of the worst things I’ve seen in reality and I’m not even sure I’ve seen worse on television (but then I never watch anything that hard core). I took her to the vet who then sent us to the veterinary hospital. My husband was at work and by the time it was clear how grave the situation was he was an hour away.

We left her at the hospital with real concern that she wouldn’t make it. I’d been holding myself together all day. I’d had less than three hours sleep that night and it was 5.30 pm by the time I had my second drink that day. I got home and my husband Philip and I had a good cry. I had to re-arrange clients and students, all of whom were generous in their understanding, for which I am very grateful.

After I had done what needed to be done and had a good cry, all my focus was on Molly getting well, being strong. If before this moment you’d asked me if I thought I could be mindful, at peace, strong or meditate during this nightmare I would have been doubtful and certain it would have been testing, despite my years of practise. So I was surprised by what happened next.

What I realised was that every day of my meditation and mindfulness practise led to this moment.

I sat on the sofa, my legs crossed, by hands clasped in my lap. My mind cleared, my focus was absolute, that Molly would find within her the strength to heal herself. A sense of peace washed over me. I felt truly connected with Molly in that moment and it stayed with me into the night. I slept on and off and each moment that I woke I reconnected with that state. I’m sure the thoughts, intentions and energy being so kindly given by many helped to play a part in this too.

What I realised was that every day of my meditation and mindfulness practise led to this moment. How we can often feel inadequate in our meditations as our mind drifts to matters, that in hindsight aren’t that important. But as many great meditators’ will share, meditation is a journey, a process, it’s not about being or doing it right or wrong, it’s not about the result. It’s training, training that sometimes we can appreciate in the smaller moments in our lives, but especially during times when our own small world is threatened in some way. It’s training the mind and body to be able to choose freely.

When it really truly mattered I was able to be mindful, to be focused and clear in my intention.

I could have succumb to my own self pity and fears of what I could lose, and no doubt beaten myself up about it later. I could have allowed my emotions to consume me but thanks to the training, the daily practise I was able to choose clearly a way to be for Molly and for myself. When it really truly mattered I was able to be mindful, to be focused and clear in my intention.

So what we can learn here is that it really, really does not matter what state our minds are in when we meditate. It only matters that we practise regularly and with genuine intention to be mindful. I guess it’s a bit like learning first aid, we do the training but it’s not until we really need it that we will know the results of our learning’s, but if we never trained we can be sure we would be lost if we find ourselves in a situation where first aid is needed. Being able to access that state was an incredible blessing. I’m not saying I didn’t feel stressed and emotional at times because I most certainly did. Just that I had access to something incredible that supported me and made a difference.

Each call from the vet brought positive news and the next day we could visit her.

Seeing her looking better was a huge relief and Philip and I sat on the cold hard floor, cuddling her and continued to give her our love and healing intentions. Another 24 hrs and she was home, tired and she still has some ways to go towards a full recovery. Molly is receiving lots of Reiki, I always suggest to pet owners that they learn to do Reiki for their pets themselves. Everyone can do it and at times like this your pet would rather you gave them Reiki than someone else. Not only that but it gives you something positive to do for your pet, taking away some of that helpless feeling we may have otherwise.

My gratitude

Finally I want to express deep gratitude to those who supported Molly, Philip and I through this journey, which is not over but is moving in a positive direction. To Molly, who I love deeply, for her strength and willingness to recover and the endless inspiration, love, laughter and joy that she’s brings into my life.

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