Reiki Precepts

Just for today…

In my mind this is the precepts and everything that follows is a guideline to help us achieve this principle. I find it to be a very powerful statement. I often spend time thinking about how I can add to this statement to help me each day with whatever it is I feel I could benefit from.

Just for today I learn only to be contented.

Just for today accept things as they are.

Just for today follow my heart

Just for today be courageous

and the list can go on.

What would be the most powerful statement you could make with that precept today?

Just for today is powerful because it reminds us that here and now is the only moment where we can affect change in our lives, in the lives of others and in the world. It reminds us that time is precious because time is the small blip that is our life. Each day that we waste, never to return. If we could remember to the make the most of each day, every day, what an amazing life we would lead. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if we succeed or fail with each moment, just that we embrace it. If we embrace it and give it our best shot then we can look back at the end of our life and be content, knowing we did the best we could, we grabbed every opportunity and we have no need for regrets.

The guidelines that follow are:

do not anger

do not worry

be humble

be honest in your dealings with others

be kind to yourself and others

For some people they are better served replacing ‘do not anger’ with ‘I release all anger’ as our brain doesn’t process the negative that is ‘not’ and for some this can cause feelings of anger to emerge. The same applies to ‘do not worry’ instead ‘I release all worry’.

So let’s talk about anger.

First of all I don’t believe we should suppress our anger. I don’t think being angry about something makes us a bad person. Anger is a human emotion, we are not aiming to be Mr. Spock. Sometimes anger is the appropriate response to a situation and the precepts reminds us to deal with it in the moment, once it is dealt with we can let it go. Sometimes we get angry and it’s an inappropriate response to the moment, in that case we can take time to consider why we responded inappropriately and deal with that in the moment. If we find ourselves feeling angry for no reason, or angry more often than not, then take the time to look at where that comes from. Reiki has a lovely way of helping us with this, whether it’s through your own practise or seeing your local practitioner for a series of treatments. Reiki gently encourages self awareness and appropriate action. If we learn to deal with our anger in the moment, remove those things that have festered over time and cause us to be angry inappropriately, we will generate more peace, more time to enjoy the moment.

Are you a worrier?

We tend to have two types of worry. One – where we worry about what has been done and said, past events. Two – what might or might not be in the future. This precept urges us to bring our mind back to the present and ask yourself what can I do today to release or lessen my worry. Can I do something to rectify the past? Can I take some sort of action to make the future feel more secure? Sometimes worry is the appropriate response to a present situation. Even in these unfortunate moments we can take action, take a moment to be sure we are doing everything we can, doing the best we can. It may not remove the worry completely but that reassurance that we are doing everything we can, will help to relieve the degree of worry.

Emotions make us stupid and this is because they engage the limbic system, cutting us off from our ability to think calmly and logically. Regular meditation practises can help us in these moment to re-engage our ability to think straight. So if you are having a moment of anger or worry, taking ten minutes time out to breath at a gentle steady rhythm can make a real difference. If you practise Reiki then your personal Reiki meditations will help you bring yourself back to a more productive state. It can take time but by the end of 10 minutes you could even find yourself wondering what you were upset about in the first place.

Be humble:

This is an interesting one for some people being humble is the equivalent to being weak, being a doormat. It’s not at all any of those things in my opinion. Being humble is more about our relationship to ourselves than it is to others. It closely relates to the precept being kind to yourself. Being grateful for everything you have and everything you’ve become. Accepting yourself and not feeling you have to be what others expect you to be. It is not a lack of respect for yourself but a great respect for yourself, which often manifests in a great respect for others. A recognition that we are all equal, we all have struggles and we are all deserving of the wonderful things life offers. Being humble allows us to move through life with a lighter heart and a greater sense of ease.

Being honest in your dealings with others:

This is another one that I find interesting people are often scared to say what they think and feel for fear of the reaction of others, what they might think of them as a result or hurting their feelings. The truth is that if you are not open and honest with the people in your life, you create endless miscommunication and this can lead to all sorts of difficulties. If we are not open and honest then we are misrepresenting ourselves to the world and the people around us. It is not our concern what others think of us or how they chose to respond to us. Our concern is how we think of ourselves and how we respond to the world around us. Now I’m not saying we should all be bitches and not give a crap about others feelings and opinions. Just that open and honest communication leads to a greater understanding of each other, a greater trust and more often, more love. We can still be considerate about how we communicate but when we hide our thoughts and feelings from those we love and respect then we are hiding ourselves. Being honest can make us feel vulnerable, I suggest you embrace that feeling, because in my experience in those moments when I’ve made myself vulnerable by being honest with someone, it’s brought me strength and created a stronger, more loving relationship with that person.

Be kind to yourself and others:

Kindness connects people. It’s so easy to be absorbed in our own lives and worries and struggles that we forget to take the time to be kind. We become isolated by our own suffering and it so easy to re-connect with life and begin to remove that suffering just by a simple act of kindness. Our ability to show kindness is a beautiful gift and it costs nothing. Kindness can be shown in so many ways just the act of waiting to let a car out in busy traffic can make a difference to that person’s day. I’m sure if you cast your mind back you’ll remember a moment of kindness, which may have been seemingly small to the person giving it, but made a huge difference to you at the time. I know I can think of many moments like that. Acts of kindness are not selfless acts, far from it, they are a gift for all involved including the giver. It’s equally important to be kind to ourselves, it’s easy to forget this, especially when we are going through difficult times. Just for today what kindness can I show myself? Think kindly about yourself as your thoughts impact everything you do, they impact your health, they impact your energy system. Be kind to your body, take time to care for it in the way you eat, exercise, sleep, nurture your body, give it time to relax and recover from all the work it does for you each day. Be loving towards yourself because we are amazing just as we are.

Just for today feed your body, mind and energy with loving kindness.

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