Free MP3 – For Peace and Wellness

I hope this post finds you well and safe. I’ve created a free MP3 to support you during this challenging time. This self-hypnosis MP3 is free for you to use and share with anyone you feel would benefit from it. It is aimed at helping you to feel more at peace and able to promote your own inner wellness. It also offers a means to contribute to the peace and wellness of others around the world, creating a feedback loop that everyone can benefit from. I hope it helps. Click the logo image to listen to the MP3 and right click on the MP3 screen to save as a file on your computer. You are welcome to share this file with others.

Corona Virus Update

All Reiki Training Courses from September will go ahead as planned. If this should change, students will be notified immediately with relevant information and options. If you have booked a training course between March and June you will have been rescheduled and an email will have been sent to you. I am currently assessing the courses scheduled between June and September and will be in touch with students attending courses during that time within the next week or so.

Reiki Treatments are now going to carried out remotely. Remote Reiki Treatments are as effective as in person treatments and you can find out more here.

Choosing Your Practitioner

Naturally you want to make sure you are connecting with a genuine practitioner and I think I’d be over optimistic to think there wouldn’t be people trying to take advantage. A couple of things you can do to check. Look at their website is it clear they have been offering Reiki for a period of time beyond the Coronavirus, see if they have an established date and look at dates for reviews. Ask if they are a member of a governing body? I’m a member of the UKRF and you can follow that up and check if you feel you need to. They might choose not to be a member of a governing body as it is optional for Reiki but if they are a professional practitioner they would be foolish not to have public indemnity insurance so that’s another thing you can check.

Are you an NHS Worker?

If you are one of the amazing NHS workers struggling to help the world during this time of crisis then you can receive a Remote Treatment for free. To access a free remote treatment you would still need to be able to sit or lie down for the length of the treatment. I can be as flexible as possible in terms of when you have it, how long you have it for, but I can’t emphasize enough you will have to sit down or lie down. I can do a remote treatment for 20 – 30 – 40 minutes to suit you. I will be able to offer you sessions outside of my usual booking schedule so if you’d like to take this opportunity please email me directly and use your NHS email address to validate that you are an NHS worker. We can then arrange a suitable time for you to receive your remote reiki session.

If you have any questions about my services, please get in touch

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