Personal Growth – Embracing Change

Some people make personal growth the cornerstone of their philosophy, myself included. It’s not an easy road to go down, and it is not always the hippies and the away with the fairies’ folk that take this path. So as we begin to experience a sense of change in ourselves, it is exciting because suddenly our senses start experiencing the world in different ways. Opportunities to explore new ideas, new ways of being, open up. However, ultimately, we are herd animals, so fitting in is essential to our existence. Many of my clients and students reach a stage in their lives where that inner change wants to reveal itself to the outside world. Moreover, if personal growth and development didn’t already have its challenges, this presents yet another.

Can I be this version of me and still be accepted by my herd? Will my partner, friends, my family still love me if I grow into the person I am apparently becoming? What about my working life, my career, how does that fit?

The truth is you won’t really know what’s ahead of you until it arrives. Until you allow the changes you are experiencing on the inside to be revealed, you cannot know how the world will respond. My own experiences and the feedback I have had from others suggests that the world will respond in favour of your change. It just might not be what you expect, this is why change takes courage.

Quite often my clients and students find friends, family and work changing because they changed. Sometimes friendships and connections in their herd deepen as a result of personal growth. Sometimes members of their herd walk away, or they find themselves walking away from their herd. They may experience a period of isolation while they seek a new herd that aligns better with their new self. No matter the challenges of this transition, what they all report sooner or later is a better life emerging because of it, a happier, more fulfilling life with more meaningful relationships.

If we spend our lives afraid of change, if we deny ourselves the opportunity for personal growth, the freedom to grow, we deny ourselves the most exciting, vibrant and joyous life. Not only that but we serve the world far less, we deny the world of our own best in any one moment. We deny those we love of the potential for a real and honest connection.

Here in the UK, we might complain about the unpredictable weather, the grey and wet seasons. However, when we step outside and into nature, the different seasons are what makes our country so beautiful. When I walk in the forest with my dogs, the continuous growth and change are what makes it so magical. Just like the forest, just like nature we too are always in the motion of change. If we give ourselves permission to embrace change, to grow into our best selves at any one moment, then we touch on the magic that is life.

So, my question is: Who would you be if you didn’t fear change? Who would you be if you trusted that the world would fully support your changing?

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