COVID-19 Safety Measures

All Visitors & Staff are required to follow the safety measures listed below.

A clean face mask with a carbon filter or medical grade disposable mask must always be worn when not consuming medicine, food or drink. This must be worn before entering the venue or toilet.

Keep 2 metres apart as much as possible, this includes not blocking entry and exit points that can prevent safe social distancing.

Use the hand sanitiser provided whenever you enter the venue and when you are about to leave the venue. Regularly sanitise your hands using the hand sanitiser provided, especially after blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, before and after eating or drinking, after using digital devices.

A window will remain open, there is good heating in the venue, however, customers are advised to wear suitable clothing for the current weather conditions.

Please limit the use of mobile devices to essential use and masks must still be worn during calls made inside the venue or toilet. If you need a taxi at the end of your session, this should be booked in advance as you will not be able to remain in the venue outside of your appointment time. The use of the ozone generator for cleaning, means that no one can remain inside between session times.

In an emergency, for example, an accident or fire, people do not have to stay 2m apart if it would be unsafe. Once safe take every measure possible to safeguard from Covid-19 with appropriate distancing and hygiene measures.

In between every appointment or training class, the venue space will be fully sanitised using a commercial-grade Ozone Generator. This means all surfaces, including soft furnishings, are fully sanitised and without the use of potentially harmful or irritating products.

You can find face masks and filters on Amazon and other online suppliers by searching Face Filters, cotton washable masks often have a filter pocket and the filters can be bought separately.

All payments will be made online at the time of booking. Click to find out about my refund policy.

Requested forms must be completed and returned in full before your appointment or class, no exceptions.

All your belongings must be kept in your bag when not in use and remain off commonly used surfaces.

Water will be provided during appointments and classes but bringing your own water bottle or drinking container is advised.

No hands-on contact will be required for any class or appointment.

If you or someone you share a home with is listed as vulnerable please make use of the online therapy and training services currently available.

For further information or questions regarding Covid-19 safety please call Tina Shaw on 07939 578 805

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