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Absolute Reiki
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 16 reviews
by Reena on Absolute Reiki
Master Reiki

I completed my Reiki Master/teacher level with Tina yesterday in a one to one session. She is a fantastic teacher and guide and has always proved helpful and patient. I highly recommend her as a teacher as her teaching style is very gentle but profound. I feel in the last 2 years I have grown up a lot under Reiki and I have developed my intuition to new heights. Thank you Tina for being such an integral part of my Reiki journey. I also thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Reiki levels 1 and 2 under your guidance and I look forward to seeing where Reiki now takes me.

by Kerry Keegan on Absolute Reiki
Second Degree Reiki Course

Thank you Tina for a wonderful, insightful experience. I found the Second Degree course inspiring and thoroughly enjoyed learning & working with the new Energies. I look forward to practicing and using these regularly. Tina has such a wonderfully open & relaxed approach to teaching that you feel comfortable to express yourself and different experiences freely. I am truly inspired and excited for the next step in my journey.

by Paul C on Absolute Reiki
Master Course

After previously completing Levels 1 and 2 with Tina, I am very pleased to say I have now completed my Reiki Master Course. This is a very big step up but as long as you put in the revision it is achievable, especially with Tina's excellent guidance and support. I really enjoyed my two days, particularly due to the company of the other students who were lovely people. I look forward to continuing my Reiki journey.

by Jo Tuson on Absolute Reiki

Thank you so much Tina, I really enjoyed the first degree course last week, you have a lovely way with people for sure. I feel that I learnt an awful lot on the day, and everything was explained so well. I am looking forward to starting to practice on friends and family and hopefully get some good results, and a bit more confidence. I will definitely be on the second course in June. Thank you xx

by Ashok Nair on Absolute Reiki
Reikie Second Degree (Okuden)

Dear Tina,

I could not thank you more for today for a brilliant and really informative Reiki second degree course. Myself and Ash thoroughly enjoyed it. The practical session was absolutely helpful to boost up my confidence to do Reiji Ho. A big salute for being a wonderful teacher and taking time to clarify all our doubts...Thank you.

by Paul C on Absolute Reiki
Second Degree Course

I did the Second Degree course with Tina yesterday and gained more knowledge,practice and experience on my journey with Reiki. In a relaxed atmosphere, Tina was informative with lots of further practical work and always ready to offer good advice in whatever capacity her students decide to use Reiki. Thoroughly enjoyable.

by Hazel on Absolute Reiki
Reiki 2

Today I completed my Reiki 2nd degree level. I so enjoyed the day , it really has deepened my connection , and boosted my intention for self improvement. Tina's style of teaching is absolutely right for me , whilst Tina is thoroughly professional her Intuitive style to meet her students needs is amazing. I can't wait to put into practice what I have learnt .

by Paul C on Absolute Reiki
Reiki 1 Course

Had a very well taught,thoroughly enjoyable Reiki Level 1 course with Tina.Every aspect at this level is covered with lots of guided practical experience.Tina encourages the students to share experiences and she explains everything very well and is very welcoming and friendly.I definitely recommend anyone thinking of learning Reiki to book a course with Tina

by Stephan Radcliffe on Absolute Reiki
First Level Course January 2015

Thoroughly enjoyable First Level Reiki course from beginning to end. It's a perfect added bonus to the Complementary Therapies I offer including Massage, Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu Back Massage and Feng Shui. Tina is a very inclusive teacher and imparts valuable insights from longstanding experience. The theory course structure works perfectly with the practical part of the course. Since the course I have meditated daily and Reiki gets stronger all the time. I have consistently warm hands and tingling in many places. I am very excited to see how things progress and will be booking the Second Degree course very soon. It is an honour to have been taught by Tina.

by Alda McQueen on Absolute Reiki
29 Nov 2014 Riki Master Course

I have completed all my Reiki training with Tina, who I find to be an excellent teacher. The Reiki Master Course was a truly amazing experience, Tina has a wonderful way of making her student's feel relaxed and confident in their practice. The training is delivered with the right measure of fun as well as being informative, meeting everyones style of learning with lots of practical exercises that help you to gain experience with the energies. Tina has inspired me to take every step on my path with Reiki her passion shines thorough in everything she does. I am blessed that I found her. I highly recommend Tina's course's and the manuals you receive are exceptional in the information they give. Thank you for all the support. Alda

by Annie (teacher) on Absolute Reiki
Reiki First degree Course

I completed my Reiki first degree course with Tina over a month ago and have enjoyed the benefits ever since. Not only have I been benefiting from Reiki self healing but my family as well as my pets love it. I found Tina's approach to conducting the course very helpful as I received the study material before hand with a step by step dvd guide and meditation cd. So I knew what to expect on the day and had already had a go prior to the day of the course. What I found valuable was a hands on approach on the day of the course. It was all practical work with a small group to share other experiences and ask questions. I highly recommend this course if you are looking for a easy way to learn Reiki. Thank you Tina

by Paulette on Absolute Reiki
Reiki Second Degree Course

I found the experience wonderful and had a great day. Tina was very accommodating and patient. The whole day flowed really nicely and to be honest I did not want it to end. Tina explained everything really well and I was very happy with my choice to train with her. I would not hesitate to train with her again. Tina is a very inspirational teacher/instructor.

Thank you very much Tina.

by Emily on Absolute Reiki
Reiki Second Degree Course

Tina is a great teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed her Second Degree training day. Despite being tired and in a frazzled state of mind when I arrived, I left at the end of the day feeling calm and centred, as though I had been on a retreat. Tina created a very calm and supportive atmosphere in which we could learn and safely practice the techniques. She was very patient in answering our questions and extremely informative about everything that we might possibly need to know in the future when practising Reiki, yet somehow miraculously did not leave us feeling overloaded with information. I really appreciate the amazing after-course support that Tina generously offers to her students, and hope to go on to do my Master training with her in the future.

by Jennifer on Absolute Reiki

I can not recommend this wonderful course enough.
It was a fantastic day of intuition, peace and inspiration. Despite suffering with a horrid cold this was just the medicine I needed. I was apprehensive that I wouldn't be able to tune in but amazingly it happened for all of us and it demonstrated to me the power of the energy of what we are and what surrounds us and to honour it.
It was a beautiful experience to give and receive a full reiki treatment, and I actually felt a whole lot better after giving one. Thank you Tina for showing me how to channel my energy and others and thank you for this amazing course, you are a fantastic teacher and it was a pleasure to spend the day with you and such lovely people. Im very much looking forward to the second degree.

by Natalie on Absolute Reiki
Reiki First Degree course

I found the whole day of the course & experience truly amazing! I have always been an insomniac, taking at least 2 hours to get to sleep. Since doing Tina's Reiki course I am asleep within 10 mins. I have done Reiki on my 4 year old at bedtime and he is asleep within a few mins. This is just the beginning for me, I am fascinated to learn & experience more. Thank you Tina!

by Rachel Black on Absolute Reiki
Reiki first degree training

This was a very well organised and well structured course from the pre-course materials right through to the end of the day and follow ups..
I was fascinated to find how even having never done anything like this before, I was able to really tap into the energy of the the lady I was working on and vice versa - and how our experiences working on each other matched up - weird and wonderful stuff. Its opening up a whole new world for me. Thank you Tina!!

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