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Tina Shaw Reiki Training MasterLearn Mindfulness, Meditation and Energy Balancing Techniques.

"This course far exceeded my expectations, Tina created a relaxed and good humoured environment that made learning easy.

The information was thorough and the pace was good. I felt confident at the end of the day that I had understood everything and could put it into practice.  None of this really explains what an amazing experience the live training was - thank you!" C. H. Essex

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Reiki helps relaxationWhen was the last time you did something, just for you? The last time you just allowed yourself to let go and drift into a state of serenity and peace?

Probably a while ago, maybe never. Reiki provides such a unique opportunity for people to relax in a way that is often very profound, that it becomes almost impossible to describe their experience.

Butterfly Medicine

Butterfly Medicine Blog ImageButterfly Medicine: We are certainly going through a turbulent time. This blog is here to remind us that we can still take positive steps, we can still influence change for the better. Read about Tina's experience with Butterflies on her holiday in Slovenia and how the butterfly can inspire change, personally and globally through small actions. 


Reiki Courses for Beginners to Master Level in Loughton, Essex with 19 Year Reiki Teacher, Tina Shaw

Are you looking for a way to support yourself and your loved ones? Or perhaps you’d like to be a Reiki Professional?

If so, our Reiki Courses could be perfect for you. Take a look at the various levels…

Reiki Courses in Lougton, Essex

The Benefits of Attending Reiki Courses:

Overall, Reiki can provide you with a sense of calm, the strength to cope, through life’s up and downs. The courage to change what is no longer helpful, increase self awareness and mindfulness and enhance creativity and intuition.

This could be the beginning of a life long journey of self-discovery.

If you spend your life helping others and need something that is there to support you, Reiki can do just that. Reiki also makes an excellent addition to other therapies, as it will benefit you as the therapist, as well as your clients.

Thank you so much Tina, I really enjoyed the first degree course last week, you have a lovely way with people for sure.

I feel that I learnt an awful lot on the day, and everything was explained so well. I’m looking forward to starting to practice on friends and family and hopefully get some good results, and a bit more confidence. Definitely be on the second course in June. Thank you xx

Jo Tuson

At the heart of all the Reiki Courses is your development in meditation, mindfulness and how to use the energy to benefit yourself as well as others.

To find out about the different levels of Reiki Training Courses just select the relevant button below.

Over 15 Years Experience Running Reiki Courses

You have the benefits and expertise of my years of experience to hand at any time. Your success is my top priority. Whether its knowledge and experience about working with Reiki that’s important to you or setting up a successful Reiki business you will have all the support you need for both at every step of the way.

Value For Money

What you get for your money is more than just your Reiki course day or days and all the comprehensive materials that come with them.

I love to go the extra mile to provide you with support and care long after your training day. In person, by phone, by email and more.

What you essentially benefit from is a personal Reiki and business building coach from the minute you sign up for the course and for as long as you can benefit from it thereafter.

Small, Friendly Reiki Training Groups

Not all Reiki courses are the same. I limit the number of places on each course for your benefit.

The small numbers means you can begin to feel comfortable in the group very quickly, rather than being overwhelmed by large numbers of 15 – 20 people.

It also means you won’t spend long periods of time twiddling your thumbs, whilst waiting for your initiation because there will be no more than 4 – 6 people on your course.

Reiki Style

I know you may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of course options out there so here’s an overview of what I offer.

I provide you with a straight forward, down to earth, approach that covers the most important aspects of Reiki from the original Japanese system together with some of the more modern approaches.

This means you get the best of both worlds, giving you the freedom to create an approach that suits you. Your Reiki practise will become unique to you and I teach you a system that can adapt to your way of life and particular interests.

What You Get

Absolute Reiki Courses are designed to suit everyone regardless of experience and background. Everybody is capable of learning to practice Reiki for themselves and others.

All Reiki Courses come with a comprehensive PDF manual, plus MP3s and videos relevant to each course. The materials provide detailed information about the theory behind Reiki, plus information on the practical work you will be carrying out at each level.

Each course comes with a Reiki certificate, indicating the level of skill you have acquired and long term support from me.

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