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Absolute Reiki is open and able to offer Remote Reiki Treatments and one to one online Reiki Training for all levels of Reiki providing students with comprehensive Course Materials and Structure Zoom Training Sessions.

A new Covid-19 safe training programme will be available from October 2020 for updates on service changes over this time period please click here to subscribe.

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Shoden Reiki Level 1 Reiki Course for Beginners.

Shoden Reiki Level 1 is where your journey with Reiki begins. A one day course with some pre-course study that introduces you to meditation, mindfulness and energy work.

Many people do Reiki Level 1 purely for themselves and/or their friends and family, which you can do as soon as you complete this course. You may have come to Reiki because you felt drawn to it in some way and you wouldn’t be on your own. You may even be surprised at the number of people who are aware of Reiki and the wide range of people who attend the courses.

On  the day you will learn meditations that enhance your energy work, self healing and balancing as well as encouraging mindfulness and self awareness. You will also learn how to self treat and treat others. We will round the day off discussing ways to treat plants, animals and how we can work remotely with the energy.

The Initiation

Students are connected to Reiki through a ritual called a ‘Reiju Empowerment’ or ‘Reiki Attunement’ collectively known as an initiation.

Reiki has always been a part of your life whether you realise it or not. The initiation is a way to remind your energetic body of this beautiful and infinite energy.

Reiki Level 1 initiations are completely safe. We are simply waking up to what already exists and learning to use it in a productive way. You may even feel you have a sense of the existence of energy and would like to know more about how to use it.

I loved this course. Tina is an amazing teacher, full of warmth and understanding. She could answer all our questions and did it honestly and fully.

I did like the way the manual was written, but the live course helped me to understand it more and get more out of it. The possibility of practising with Tina watching and helping opened more possibilities and got me to understand everything fully.

I’m really looking forward to the second course now. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

A. B. - London

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