Okuden Reiki Level 2 Course – Professional Practitioner.

The Okuden Reiki Level 2 course is another two-part workshop with some pre-course study to be done at home.

Once you’ve completed your Level 1 course, it’s often a natural part of the journey to be curious about how much more you can get from your Reiki practice.

I recommend students take one-two months after their first course to become familiar with what they have learned before moving onto this Reiki level 2 course.

Some people take longer and that’s ok. It’s your journey so trust yourself in knowing when it’s the right time to take your training and development forward.

Usui’s original system was very much based on working simply and intuitively. If treatments were carried out they were free-flowing intuitive treatments, rather than using set hand positions for a set amount of time.

At this level you will be guided towards working more intuitively, enhancing your own natural intuition and providing more unique and intuitive treatments for those you work with.

Your Reiki treatments becoming a lovely meditation with another person, rather than something you do.

Reiki Level 2 – Deepen Your Experience

Okuden Reiki Level 2 training will deepen your experience of Reiki in several ways.

It will deepen your experience of meditation and mindfulness. You will learn to work with difference energy frequencies within Reiki that guide the energy in a particular way or produce a state of oneness. The latter not only being an important part of Usui’s original system, but a key element of meditation and mindfulness.

By focusing on specific energies you’ll discover how you can work more purposely for yourself and others. This creates a more profound and focused form of practice.

The way we access the different frequencies at this level is through the use of the Reiki symbols.

Tina was very welcoming and friendly and put you at your ease. She has a clear and uncluttered way of presenting the material so it is easy to take in. Tina is open and welcome to questions so you don’t feel stupid if you have to ask her to repeat or clarify something.

Her course gave you the space and attention to develop at your own pace. I really enjoyed the focus on the experiential – and Tina guided us patiently through the exercises and giving a full treatment – so everyone could really get into the process and experience giving/receiving Reiki.

L. S. - Essex

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