Shinpiden Reiki Level 3 – Master Teacher Course.

Reiki Level 3, Shinpiden Reiki Course, Reiki Master Course

Reiki Level 3 is a natural continuation of your journey toward Reiki becoming a way of life, rather than something you do.

I recommend students take four to six months between their Level 2 training and beginning their Reiki Master Course. The course itself is carried out over two days with a month’s pre-course study to do at home.

Your Reiki Level 3 Master Course gives you more insight into what’s possible with Reiki. You will learn about new frequencies and states that will take your work with Reiki even further than before.

At this level we teach you about the Kotodama – Sacred sounds that allow students to access the different energy frequencies, providing an alternative and traditional way of meditating with those different energies, for yourself or your work with others.

Not only that but you learn to develop the most powerful energy centre in your body, your Tanden, through further meditation techniques. You will also learn how to give yourself an empowerment or attunement to really enrich your connection to Reiki on a regular basis.


Reiki Level 3 – The Beginning of the End.

We can never really be a master of Reiki as our learning is constantly deepening and growing long after our training is complete. The word Master in Japan simply means teacher so at this level if you wanted to train others in the art of Reiki you could do.

However, many people think that Reiki level 3 is just for those who wish to teach or work professionally, but that is simply not so.

Reiki Mastership is the ultimate commitment from you to make Reiki a lasting, daily part of your life. Again deepening your experience through additional understanding and techniques.

The fact that you also learn to give Reiju empowerments and Reiki attunements informally to friends and family, or professionally as a teacher, is just a nice bonus for those who wish to do that.

First of all, I have to say that Tina was marvellous.  She had four quite different women in her master class with varied experience in Reiki and quite diverse backgrounds.

Tina handled this really well and then on the second day, through Tina’s feedback, we discovered that what we had in common was our energy, we all complemented each other and we produced a lovely serene place in which to receive and give our first empowerments.

She paced the days well and time flew by.  We had just the right amount of social interaction, practice, experience and sharing, I thought.  Tina was very open to questions and I found it easy to ask what I wanted to know.

A. P. - Australia

How Much Experience Do I Need?

You don’t have to have lots of experience treating others to attend this Reiki Level 3 course, but I do recommend that you are in a regular routine of working on yourself and feel comfortable with the various techniques and concepts that you’ve learned so far.

I don’t believe in the idea that Reiki has to be done only one way to be valid. Usui’s approach was very much geared towards the individual needs of the student.

I think the Reiki precepts are the best guide for how we should approach our Reiki practice, other than that the more flexible we can be as trainers and individuals the better.

This is why I teach elements of more mainstream Reiki together with Usui’s original system because it creates the flexibility for you to choose a way of working that is most suited to you as an individual.

How to Book Your Reiki Level 3 Course.

All courses require a non refundable deposit of £80 to secure your place. The remaining fee is due no later than the day of your course.

When you click to book you’ll be given a list of dates to choose from and taken through the booking system. Please fill out your details carefully.

You will have the option to pay your deposit or pay in full. Once your deposit is received you will receive an intial confirmation and link to your course materials. All materials including your course manual are made available in a digital forrmat and included in your course fee. Hard copies are available at an additional minmal fee to cover the costs of those materials.

Please book at least one month in advance of your preferred date. If you choose to pay the remaining fee on the day of the course, you can do so by cash, card or cheque. You can book your course now or if you prefer schedule a call for a chat first.

If you would like to pay by subscription you can opt to do so using this link Reiki Master Course Subscription. Please note this will provide you with a coupon code that you can use to book your place on the Reiki Master Course. Your place is not reserved/booked until you redeem this code here: If you opt to subscribe you will be charged £80 at the time of booking, then £70.00 per month for a total of 6 payments (£430.00 total)

Reiki Level 3 Master Course Dates:

A two workshop each day starting at 9.30 am and finishing around 5 pm

  • Saturday 25th April and 2nd May 2020
  • Saturday 24th and 31st October 2020

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