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Tina Shaw Reiki Training MasterLearn Mindfulness, Meditation and Energy Balancing Techniques.

"This course far exceeded my expectations, Tina created a relaxed and good humoured environment that made learning easy.

The information was thorough and the pace was good. I felt confident at the end of the day that I had understood everything and could put it into practice.  None of this really explains what an amazing experience the live training was - thank you!" C. H. Essex

Reiki Healing Treatments


Reiki helps relaxationWhen was the last time you did something, just for you? The last time you just allowed yourself to let go and drift into a state of serenity and peace?

Probably a while ago, maybe never. Reiki provides such a unique opportunity for people to relax in a way that is often very profound, that it becomes almost impossible to describe their experience.

Butterfly Medicine

Butterfly Medicine Blog ImageButterfly Medicine: We are certainly going through a turbulent time. This blog is here to remind us that we can still take positive steps, we can still influence change for the better. Read about Tina's experience with Butterflies on her holiday in Slovenia and how the butterfly can inspire change, personally and globally through small actions. 


Reiki Healing Treatments in Loughton, London

An ideal way to manage stress and rejuvenate your mind, body and energy.

Reiki healing treatments in progress
I had a Reiki healing treatment with Tina two days ago and I feel brand new.

I presented her with my frazzled, exhausted body and she gave me back my ‘self’, reset and renewed. After that I’ve realised that I need to incorporate regular sessions into my life. Thank you Tina. See you again soon.

Samantha Thompson ~ London

Reiki Healing Treatments May Help With:

Managing stress and anxiety

Health and pain management

Support during difficult times or times of change

Recovery from illness, injury or surgery

Increasing a sense of well being and peace

To maintain a balanced energy system

Improvement of sleep

To support immune function

Reiki Healing for Mind, Body and Energy :

Reiki treatments are suitable for anyone, regardless of health, age or beliefs.

A Reiki treatment is safe and non invasive, pregnant women can enjoy Reiki.

Reiki promotes your own natural ability to heal yourself and live the life you want.

Reiki works on every level the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual and may help with a wide range of conditions.

About Your Reiki Sessions

Reiki builds up over time, generating a more permanent state of balance and longer lasting results. For this reason I recommend a series of at least Four Reiki healing treatments, followed by monthly sessions after that to maintain that state of balance.

No contact is made to the face, throat, chest (on women), genitals or any area that you request.

If you have a physical condition sometimes you may experience an increase in symptoms during your treatment, this is nothing to worry about and will dissipate as soon as the treatment is over, if not before. You will be able to inform me during the treatment if you feel any discomfort or wish me to stop.

You should always seek medical advice if you have any health concerns. A Reiki practitioner is not able to diagnose conditions or offer medical advice. All medical treatments should be continued unless your GP or other appropriate medical professional suggests otherwise.

“You don’t know what relaxation is until you have had a Reiki Treatment.”

As well as deep relaxation some people may experience other sensations:

Heat or coolness; tingling; magnetic sensations; energy moving through the body; floating or sinking; colours or dream like visions; memories resurfacing; physical movement or twitching; an emotional release.

Find out about Reiki Courses

Did you know that anyone can learn to do Reiki for themselves as well as others? This is by far the most economical and effective way to work with Reiki.

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