Remote Reiki Treatments

Receive Remote Reiki from the Comfort of Your Own Home

The benefits of recieving remote treatments:

  • You don’t have to travel to or from my venue
  • You can create your own healing space at home (optional)
  • There is no need to get up straight after the treatment
  • You can still get support for your wellbeing and boost your immune system even if you can’t travel
  • My venue is not able to accomodate wheelchair users unfortunatley, but this option can suit anyone.

How do Remote Reiki Treatments Work?

Reiki or energy follows our intention and distance healing has been a common practice amongst therapists since the beginning of Reiki in the west. Strictly speaking we never really need you to be there with us to carry out a Reiki Treatment, but of course it has it’s benefits – you enter a space that frees you from your everyday life and is created especially to help you feel safe and relaxed, for most there will be an element of appropriate contact and we know that appropriate physical contact has enormous benefits to our health and wellbeing. It’s also more reassuring to be in the space with your practitioner and feel a confidence that they are doing something. During this time of self isolation or even quarantine we have to forgo many things we’d normally like and being in an ideal space for your therapy session is one of those things. However, it really doesn’t have to mean that you can’t enjoy and receive the experience of Reiki healing. Remote treatments are just as effective as those given in person. As a practitioner I would treat the session exactly as I would if you were there in person. There would be an exchange of information before the session which can be done by email and then I would prepare for your session as I would do ordinarily. I would then email you with information about what I experienced and you can either email or phone to share your experience. I won’t phone you afterwards because one of the best things about having your remote treatment at home is that you don’t have to get up and do anything afterwards, you can remain relaxed for as long as you like. Most of my in person clients wish they could just float home and not have to move after their treatment.

What is the difference between distance healing and a remote treatment?

There is a difference between a remote reiki treatment and remote or distant healing. The latter is an equivalence to a prayer that is offered out at your request, the energy flows to you as a result of that intention. Most practitioners offering this will have a book or list of some sort where these requests are kept. This is usually a short session of 15 minutes and with a very general intention to cover everyone on the list or in the book. To receive distance reiki you don’t need to do anything usually and it will or won’t happen depending on your needs in the moment. You can safely carry on driving, operating machinery and many other things, you can even recieve Reiki this way without knowing about it. Sometimes a practitioner will even find Reiki is flowing to someone just because they are near by and they haven’t asked for it and the practitioner hasn’t sent it deliberately, it’s an unconscious energy exchange.

A remote treatment is very different.

You must be sat or lying down to recieve it. The practitioner must have your consent to carry it out. The focus is very deliberate and the intention is focused entirely on you, not a list of people or group of people. The process is exactly the same as it is when you are there in person, except for obvious fact that you are not physically there. This means I will connect with you energetically, I will feel your energies and notice any areas that need more attention, I will apply specific techniques to bring your energy into balance and I will lay my hands on or near the you I’ll be visualising on the treatment table. I will sit for a moment afterward staying with you energetically just as I would if you were there in person.

I offer both distance healing and remote treatments.

Distance healing is free and you can read this page for more information. The remote treatments are charged at the same price as in person as the same level of work is being carried out for same amount of time.

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