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Tina Shaw Reiki Training MasterLearn Mindfulness, Meditation and Energy Balancing Techniques.

"This course far exceeded my expectations, Tina created a relaxed and good humoured environment that made learning easy.

The information was thorough and the pace was good. I felt confident at the end of the day that I had understood everything and could put it into practice.  None of this really explains what an amazing experience the live training was - thank you!" C. H. Essex

Reiki Healing Treatments


Reiki helps relaxationWhen was the last time you did something, just for you? The last time you just allowed yourself to let go and drift into a state of serenity and peace?

Probably a while ago, maybe never. Reiki provides such a unique opportunity for people to relax in a way that is often very profound, that it becomes almost impossible to describe their experience.

Butterfly Medicine

Butterfly Medicine Blog ImageButterfly Medicine: We are certainly going through a turbulent time. This blog is here to remind us that we can still take positive steps, we can still influence change for the better. Read about Tina's experience with Butterflies on her holiday in Slovenia and how the butterfly can inspire change, personally and globally through small actions. 


Tina Shaw – Reiki Master Teacher & Reiki Healing Practitioner in Loughton, London

Tina Shaw Reiki Master Teacher London Loughton

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

If you would like help letting go of limiting beliefs, negative emotions and unwanted habits or perhaps building confidence, self esteem and achieving your goals. You may like to take a look at my other website Cognitive Hypnotherapy

About Tina

I believe that you can fully realise the very best version of you and I’d love to help you create an environment within yourself that supports and encourages that potential.

Many years ago, I started my working life as an actor, being creative is a big part of who I am. From a young age I had always been curious about spirituality, religion and philosophy.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a religious person but some one who is curious about human potential and the many wonders of life. As an adult I began to enjoy exploring science and I think someone once described me as an intuitive scientist, that makes sense given my curiosity for life and my creative mindset.

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I love Reiki because although it has connections with spiritual elements, it’s really a way to support whatever your own beliefs happen to be, whether you consider yourself an atheist, a spiritual person or deeply Religious.

There is no one belief system to follow in order to benefit from Reiki, just a set of tools, ideas and principles that can help us harness what we have within us. Anyone really can do Reiki.

I get to meet and work with some wonderful people as a part of my working life and I consider it such a blessing. To wake up each day and look forward to what’s ahead of me is a truly beautiful thing.

I would just like to say thank you to Tina, for such a wonderful experience, and for making me feel relaxed and comfortable ready for my training.

It was a wonderful feeling and worth the training, plus from booking to the day of the course, nothing was hard everything was done really well I will be back for the next course.

D. F. Essex

My Reiki Training

I trained in all levels of Reiki with Taggart King from Reiki Evolution in 2001. Now, as a Reiki Mastyer Teach with 15 years’ experience, I feel very fortunate to have found Reiki Evolution and been given such a sound training to start my journey from.

Like Taggart I offer a very down to earth approach to Reiki. I keep Reiki as close to the original system as possible, whilst accommodating some obvious cultural differences. Reiki was never about Angels, Spirit Guides or Crystals and so my courses don’t involve those things either.

That doesn’t mean that they can’t amongst other things be a wonderful part of your individual journey with Reiki. But I recommend that if these are topics that interest you, you train in those areas separately, this means you get a good solid training in each area rather than a diluted form of training that tries to encompass them all.

I also extended my Reiki training beyond Reiki Master Teacher and took part in the Five Elements Reiki system that Taggart developed and I really love how that can enhance our own personal development as well as being beneficial for our clients.

I specialise in assisting students to develop their intuition and offer courses that can help provide a greater understanding of how we can work more confidently with our intuition and part of that is working with a pendulum.

Training as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Whenever we embrace a journey of personal or spiritual development, or take part in regular meditation practices, challenges and issues can emerge as the mind and body begins to move towards alignment and potential growth.

Sometimes these issues may require additional help and so I spent two years training with The Quest Institute to become a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist. This ensures that I am able to support students and clients should experiences of this nature arise.

Clinical Nutritionist for Extra Support

I’ve also qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist to support my work with clients in a more holistic manner. Nutrition plays such a vital role in our physical and our mental and emotional health.

I don’t offer a service in Nutrition but I do use my knowledge to help clients who may benefit from it and ensure that your diet is not the primary cause of your issue.

Poor diets can cause low mood, depression, anxiety, mood swings, forgetfulness, fatigue, weight gain and sometimes be the key factor in pain management and other physical health conditions.

My Reiki Master Teacher Lineage

Every Reiki teacher or practitioner can trace their Reiki lineage back to Mikao Usui. My Reiki teacher has received attunements and empowerments from more than one teacher, so I have more than one lineage a ‘Japanese Lineage’ and a ‘Western Lineage’.

Japanese Lineage
Mikao Usui

Suzuki San

Chris Marsh

Taggart King

Tina Shaw

Western Lineage
Mikao Usui

Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Phyllis LeiFurumoto

Florence O’Neal

Jerry Farley

June Woods

Simon Treselyan

Marcus Hayward

Diane Whittle

Taggart King

Tina Shaw

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