Reiki Training Online

You’ll receive all the same support, training and materials as you would on the live training courses.

As learning online is very different from learning in-person, the training will be offered over several Zoom sessions lasting up to 3.5 hours each. This may range from 2 – 4 sessions depending on the course.

All training courses come with pre-course study and so to ensure you are ready for your first session, please book it at least 2 weeks in advance for the Shoden and Okuden training and 4 weeks in advance for the Shinpiden Training.

“Thank you Tina for a wonderful, insightful experience. I found the Second Degree course inspiring and thoroughly enjoyed learning & working with the new Energies. I look forward to practicing and using these regularly. Tina has such a wonderfully open & relaxed approach to teaching that you feel comfortable to express yourself and different experiences freely. I am truly inspired and excited for the next step in my journey.”

Kerry Keegen

Had a very well taught, thoroughly enjoyable Reiki Level 1 course with Tina. Every aspect at this level is covered with lots of guided practical experience. Tina is welcoming and friendly and encourages the students to share experiences, and explains everything very well. I definitely recommend anyone thinking of learning Reiki to book a course with Tina

Paul C

“The Reiki Master Course was a truly amazing experience, Tina has a wonderful way of making her student’s feel relaxed and confident in their practice. The training is delivered with the right measure of fun as well as being informative, meeting everyone’s style of learning with lots of practical exercises that help you to gain experience with the energies. I highly recommend Tina’s courses. Thank you for all the support.”

Alda Gibson

Remote Reiki Treatments from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Energy follows intention and offering remote or distance healing has been a common practice in the world of Reiki for as long as it has existed.

Energy following intention is one reason why we might know when someone is about to call, who exactly is ringing you in the moment.

Reiki practitioners have an added advantage in that they learn how to connect with someone, even someone they have never met before through the use of specific tools, symbols and the practice of mindful, focused intent.

When you book your remote session, you’ll be given detailed instructions and suggestions to help you make the most of your session. But all you need is a place to rest for 40 minutes.

You will have the option to skype with me for 10 minutes prior to your session or simply receive a text where I can find out how you are doing and what you would like to focus on. After your session, you are free to relax and take your time getting back to your day. Later in the day, you’ll receive an email from me, with information on what I experienced during the session with you and the opportunity to get in touch to share your experience and/or ask any questions.

“It felt like I was in your therapy room but in my home at the same time!!

The amazing part was how strongly I could feel the different energies and somehow your presence as you worked around my body.

By the end of the session, the overriding theme was one of tremendous release, of stress and blockages, and I felt much calmer and stronger.

It was fantastic!!”


What is the difference between distance healing and a remote treatment?

There is a difference between a remote reiki treatment and remote or distant healing. The latter is an equivalence to a prayer that is offered out at your request, the energy flows to you as a result of that intention. Most practitioners offering this will have a book or list of some sort where these requests are kept. This is usually a short session of 15 minutes and with a very general intention to cover everyone on the list or in the book. To receive distance reiki you don’t need to do anything usually and it will or won’t happen depending on your needs in the moment. You can safely carry on driving, operating machinery and many other things, you can even recieve Reiki this way without knowing about it. Sometimes a practitioner will even find Reiki is flowing to someone just because they are near by and they haven’t asked for it and the practitioner hasn’t sent it deliberately, it’s an unconscious energy exchange.

A remote treatment is very different.

You must be sat or lying down to recieve it. The practitioner must have your consent to carry it out. The focus is very deliberate and the intention is focused entirely on you, not a list of people or group of people. The process is exactly the same as it is when you are there in person, except for obvious fact that you are not physically there. This means I will connect with you energetically, I will feel your energies and notice any areas that need more attention, I will apply specific techniques to bring your energy into balance and I will lay my hands on or near the you I’ll be visualising on the treatment table. I will sit for a moment afterward staying with you energetically just as I would if you were there in person.

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