Reiki and Protection

A common question that comes up with clients and students is “Do you need to protect yourself when you do Reiki?”

There are many energy workers out there and others who will tell you, you need to protect yourself with some sort of ritual if you do this work. I disagree. If anything we need to protect ourselves from the fear generated by ideas that there are things out there we need to protect ourselves from. In my opinion protection is a state of mind. Now I’m not suggesting that our state of mind can make us invincible or invulnerable but our state of mind does go a long way towards what we attract into our lives and what we don’t.

The work we do with Reiki only serves to create a healthier state of mind and energy. It does not open us up to anything threatening, physically or energetically. Our thoughts contribute to our reality so I really hope that people consider what they say about this sort of thing carefully. If we focus on the idea of being vulnerable to some sort of threat then it is not Reiki that is making us vulnerable it is our state of mind and our focus. Any ritual we might do for protection, only works because it changes our mental focus from fearful to safe. So why bring fear into the equation in the first place.

Protection is a state of mind.

As a Reiki practitioner we are working on ourselves daily, through energy balancing techniques and meditation. This alone will help to create a healthier mindset and more well balanced energy system, all key components for being in a natural state of protection. The only time I would recommend you use a protection ritual is if you recognise that your mindset is one of fear, use the ritual to help change your mindset but recognise that it is your mindset that makes the difference, it’s not Reiki making you vulnerable. Ask yourself why you have that kind of mindset to begin with and take action towards more long term change, get help from a therapist if you don’t feel able to help yourself.

Before I started practising Reiki I would be one of those people who attracted “weird, threatening or uncomfortable people” it wasn’t long after I started working with Reiki techniques that I noticed this no longer happened. On the odd occasion when it seemed it might, it would take one look, word or gesture and that would be the end of it. The only difference was the state of my mind and my energy system.

Sometimes practitioners become more highly sensitive to energy. This can be energy in a space or the energy of others. You are not sensing anything that wasn’t there before and it is no more harmful than it was when you were ignorant to it. What it does is open up your awareness and your options in terms of how you deal with the experience. If a person or space makes you feel uncomfortable you can choose to walk away or address it in some healthy way. We can send positive healing intentions towards the person or space to help change the state to something more comfortable, again using the mind to direct a positive change. Remembering also that we have a relationship with everything around us, spaces and people. So if the energy doesn’t feel right it can be about the relationship as much as the space or person. Energy states that feel uncomfortable are not a sign of evil, danger or negativity it’s just an imbalance or mismatch that we can deal with compassionately and constructively.

Reiki does not make you vulnerable to negative energies.

Reiki has always been there within you and around you. The only difference is that through your training and the empowerments or attunements that you receive, you become more aware of it, more in touch with it and better able to harness the benefits from it. So you are not being opened up to anything, just awakened to what is already a part of you.

If you are experiencing things that make you fearful, attracting events or people that aren’t right for you, it simply means you have yet to recognise your own power to change your world, inside and out. The original Reiki system was not about believing in some external force that can fix all your problems, or giving you special powers to heal others. Reiki is a system that promotes your own natural ability to help yourself… empowering the individual to create the changes in their life that they want. This is why I encourage my students to work on themselves as a primary focus above anything else. The more you recognise that you are responsible for your state of being and the way you respond and act to the world around you, the sooner you will move away from fear based thinking and towards real self empowerment.

If you are struggling with this sort of thing let me know, I’d be happy to advise in any way I can.

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