Reiki Because We Love Our Pets

Molly Mini Moo – 5th March 2000 – 4th August 2014

At the beginning of the year you may have read my blog – Find Peace during Difficult Times. My beautiful canine friend got sick and taught me how important it is for Reiki to be a way of life, rather than something you do. So it becomes an intrinsic part of who you are and how you respond to life. That even when you are not at your best, your practice can sustain you and prepare you for all of life’s ups and downs. That for Reiki to be present we don’t have to be perfect, we just have to include the practice of mindfulness and energy balancing as part of our everyday experience.

Molly bounced back from that event at the beginning of the year and continued to inspire great things. Despite her old age and her body beginning to fail her day by day, she made the most of every moment. Her spirit being one that fought to live her life as fully as possible and encouraged me to do the same, right up until the end. Each day she continued to play, to explore and connect with nature, to make me laugh and to love fiercely and unconditionally.

My nerves were frayed but we hung in there.

She became sick a few more times and just kept bouncing back. My nerves were frayed but we hung in there. Then suddenly Molly took a turn for the worse and my beautiful friend died in my arms on Monday the 4th of August, aged 14 and 5 months. In the moment of her dying Reiki gave me strength to give to her as she would me – that was so important to me, to let her pass with peace and calm and to know how much she was loved. I find Reiki remarkable in these moments where normally we would feel too weak, too afraid etc. to move beyond that and for a moment be able to give what you need to give and do what you need to do. That sense of peace and choice in such an emotional moment tells me how much of a difference Reiki can make for me and all who embrace its potential.

The pain of loss felt unbearable and as though Reiki would barely touch the surface of my pain, but I knew it was supporting me in the background. It’s only been three weeks, so the grief is still real but I can see an end in sight and I am finding myself able to enjoy moments of living again.

The grieving process is so important and we all do it in different ways, what’s important is that we give ourselves permission to do so.

The great thing about mindfulness and energy work is that it really helps you in these moments. I have come to realise that so often people don’t grieve fully, they feel under pressure to move on, live life and be strong for others etc. I have learned that if we allow ourselves to truly grieve, we move through it faster, we regain the ability to see photos, share memories and be reminded of the being we lost without so much of the pain and more of all the joys they brought into our lives when they were with us.

The grieving process is so important and we all do it in different ways, what’s important is that we give ourselves permission to do so. It’s sometimes easier to bury our grief alongside our loved one, to feel we have to be strong for them or those around us. Through my work with energy I’ve learned that to grieve well is essential to our energy, our health on all levels, but perhaps more importantly in the moment of our pain, to our connection with the person or animal we lost. Through healthy grieving that connection becomes more whole and full again. We still miss them, especially physically but with a feeling more akin to them moving away, rather than that initial feeling of having someone cruelly wrenched from us leaving a gaping hole. I know I am moving towards that time. In the meantime I spend time each day bathing in Reiki and allowing myself to connect with Molly energetically and in meditation, to have her in mind, to ask that she too be well and happy and free to move forward in whatever form that might take.

Molly was my most constant companion, support, healer and teacher.

In the moments between my tears I take time to reflect on everything she meant to me, everything she taught me and the beautiful and funny times we shared. Molly was my most constant companion, support, healer and teacher. From early in our relationship Molly began to make me a better person. Before Reiki and before Molly I was an angry person. Her nature helped me to see that this wasn’t the person I really was, or the person I wanted to be and it was one of the first things that Reiki helped me to address. Molly’s unconditional devotion taught me a new level of love and compassion. Her spirit being the very definition of beauty, taught me to see beauty in so much more than I did before. Molly’s simple needs for love, cuddles and walks created a new balance in my life and renewed connection to nature, something that had long been lost to me. I continue to walk in the forest it’s brings me beautiful memories, peace and healing.

Molly leaves behind a simple message. Love and live with all your heart and infect the world with joy, humour and love as often as you can.

Thank You!

I’d like to say thank you to Molly for everything she brought into my life, no blog could say what needs to be said. Also to all the people who have shown support and love for us this year and especially now, you have made a real difference.

Thank you to those reading this for allowing me this moment to share my experience and I hope you gain something from it too. Feel free to express your own thoughts about the learnings you have taken from any grief you have experienced or from your pets past or present.

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