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AbsoluteReiki.com (“site”) is owned and operated by Tina Shaw – Absolute Reiki and with our business address at 1 Chandler Road, Loughton, IG10 2LQ.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before placing an order. By purchasing services and/or products on this site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you are not willing to be bound by these terms and conditions, please do not purchase services or products from this site.

Changes to Terms

We reserve the right, at our discretion, to modify, add, or remove any or all of these terms and conditions at any time and each such change shall be effective immediately upon posting.

Please check these terms and conditions periodically for changes.

Your continued use of this site and purchase of services or products on this site following the posting of changes to these terms and conditions will mean you accept those changes. Please check the terms before every purchase.

If the revised terms apply to any existing provision of services, we will notify you of the changes.

Privacy Policy

Registration and other information provided by you is subject to our Privacy Policy and shall only be used in accordance with it. For more information, please go to our Privacy Policy.

Age Restriction

You shall not purchase any services or products from our site if you are below the age of 18 years old because under this age, you do not have legal capacity to enter into a contract.

Provision of Service

The agreement to work on the issues presented by the client in no way guarantees a cure.

Contact between sessions will be limited to telephone, email or letter.

Antisocial behaviour will cause the immediate cessation of treatment.

Clients have access to the Complaints and Discipline procedures of the UK Reiki Federation at any time. They can be contacted via their website www.reikifed.co.uk or by phone 01264 791 441

Confidentiality will be maintained in all but the most exceptional circumstances. These can only include: legal action (criminal or civil court cases where a court order is made demanding disclosure – includes coroner’s courts) and where there is good cause to believe that not to disclose would cause danger of serious harm to others. Most standards of confidentiality applied in professional contexts are based on the Common-Law concept of confidentiality where the duty to keep confidence is measured against the concept of “greater good”. The sharing of anonymous case histories with supervisors and peer-support groups is not a breach of professional confidentiality. The sharing of open case histories with supervisors and any referring NHS medical practitioner is also not a breach.

Price and Payment

Prices of the services and products are specified on our site and confirmed on the checkout page. We may change our prices anytime, but that will not affect the prices for confirmed orders.

Despite our best efforts, there may be incorrect prices on some of the services or products. If the correct price is less than a price shown on our site, the lower amount will be charged. If the correct price is higher than the price specified on our site, we will inform you of this and ask whether you wish to continue with the order with the actual higher price. If the error in price is obvious, unmistakable and mispricing could have been recognised reasonably by you, we will not be liable to provide the services or products to you at the lower price that was incorrect.

Cancellation of Reiki Treatments with less than 24 hours’ notice will cause the client to be liable for the full cost of the session.

All Reiki Courses require a non-refundable deposit of £80. Should you wish to change your booked course date with less than one month’s notice an additional deposit will be required.

Payment for Reiki Treatments and Final Course Fees are required at the time of booking using Stripe Payments or PayPal.

Our Rights to Cancel and Applicable Refund

I reserve the right to cancel our work together at any time without giving a reason, a notice of cancellation will be given at least 24 hours prior to the next scheduled appointment.

No refunds will be given if I refuse to continue to offer my services due to you breaching these terms and conditions, Covid-19 safety measures or frequently asking to change appointment times with less than two days notice.

I may have to cancel or postpone an appointment due to an event outside of my control or the unavailability of an appropriate venue or materials without which we cannot provide the services or the products. If this happens:

  1. a) I will promptly contact you to let you know;
  2. b) if you have made any payment in advance for services or products that have not been provided to you, we will offer a refund of these amounts to you or the option to reschedule your appointment;
  3. c) where we have already started work on your order for services, we will not charge you anything and you will not have to make any payment to us.

For any questions or queries, you can contact us at 07939 578 805 or e-mail me at tina@absolutereiki.com

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