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Tina Shaw Reiki Training MasterLearn Mindfulness, Meditation and Energy Balancing Techniques.

"This course far exceeded my expectations, Tina created a relaxed and good humoured environment that made learning easy.

The information was thorough and the pace was good. I felt confident at the end of the day that I had understood everything and could put it into practice.  None of this really explains what an amazing experience the live training was - thank you!" C. H. Essex

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Reiki helps relaxationWhen was the last time you did something, just for you? The last time you just allowed yourself to let go and drift into a state of serenity and peace?

Probably a while ago, maybe never. Reiki provides such a unique opportunity for people to relax in a way that is often very profound, that it becomes almost impossible to describe their experience.

Butterfly Medicine

Butterfly Medicine Blog ImageButterfly Medicine: We are certainly going through a turbulent time. This blog is here to remind us that we can still take positive steps, we can still influence change for the better. Read about Tina's experience with Butterflies on her holiday in Slovenia and how the butterfly can inspire change, personally and globally through small actions. 


What is Reiki?

The word Reiki is pronounced Ray Key. It is a Japanese word that simply translated means Universal Energy.

Reiki Symbol
Reiki is an invisible, gentle energy that works by balancing a persons’ energy system. This promotes the body’s own natural ability to heal, on any level. It is one of many techniques that utilises the concept of energy.

In China they call this energy ‘Chi’ and it is at the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In India they call the energy ‘Prana’ and it is used in Yoga and breathing techniques. The Japanese refer to the energy as ‘Ki’ and as well as Reiki it is the basis of Shiatsu massage.

Interestingly in Eastern cultures the concept of energy and self – healing techniques have been around for thousands of years. These days more and more people are turning to Reiki and other complementary therapies to increase their well being and peace of mind.

This is a big part of taking responsibility for our own wellness. Recognising our own abilities to help ourselves rather than constantly looking outside for the answer to our happiness and health.

The original Reiki system was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan in the 1900’s.

The system focused almost entirely on the student’s personal or spiritual development and healing was an added benefit.

Reiki is a simple, effective technique that anyone can use to produce a more harmonious and well balanced life style.

An energy that gently encourages self awareness, better instincts and choices. It puts your focus on what’s really important.

Reiki can safely be used alongside any medical treatments and is suitable for anyone interested in healing, personal or spiritual development and meditation.

Many people who enjoy Reiki are in good health and just want to stay that way.

Some come to Reiki for self development and to experience a greater sense of meaning in life. And many have sought Reiki Training or Reiki Treatments to help them to cope better with a wide range of issues.

Who Enjoys Reiki?

People from all ages, cultures and professions. Students and full time parents attend Reiki courses and receive Reiki treatments.

Amongst the many varied professionals I see are nurses, doctors, medical scientists, vets, artists, performers and therapists. Then there’s, IT and bankers, lawyers, human resources, engineers, mechanics, police and even a submariner.

You will probably discover that quite a few people you know have already experienced the benefits of Reiki.

Experience Reiki for Yourself

The best way to understand what a Reiki Treatment is like is to have one.

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